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Grape the penguin and his Hululu cut-out found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption Grape (L) and Hululu (R): A match made in heaven A celebrity penguin, which made international headlines after forming an attachment to a cardboard cut-out in a Japanese zoo, has died at the age of 21. Tobu Zoo in Japan's central Saitama prefecture announced Grape's death through its Twitter account , saying that the cause of death was unknown. But according to NewsWalker , he would have been around 80-years-old in "human years". Grape the Humboldt penguin became on online star in May after seemingly falling in love with the picture of Hululu, an anthropomorphic penguin character from the Japanese anime series Kemono Friends, after it was placed in his enclosure, the RocketNews website reports. He is thought to have become fixated on the cut-out after being jilted by a female penguin called Midori, which had been his mate for a decade. The cut-out was originally placed in the penguin enclosure as part of a tie-in promotion with Kemono Friends. Grape spent long hours staring at Hululu and refusing to leave her side, and so staff decided to leave the cut-out in the penguin's enclosure, long after the promotion ended. Sadly, his death comes a month before the zoo's Grape Festival, a series of events spanning two weeks based around the celebrity penguin. HuffPost Japan notes that condolence messages have already been received from Kemono Friends , and Chikuta Ikuko , the voice artist who plays Hululu in the series. "Best wishes from my heart to little Grape," Ms Ikuko wrote on Twitter.

New clothes with tags are alright, she said. But the used clothes that people are most often dropping off won't reach Mexico. “They can’t bring used clothes or shoes," Angulo said of the delivery trucks.  According to Mexican officials in Los Angeles, used clothes and shoes for distribution are not allowed into Mexico for public health reasons. Neither is rubbing alcohol, which is flammable, nor prescription drugs, said Adriana Argaiz, Mexico's community affairs consul in Los Angeles. Argaiz said some would-be Good Samaritans attempting to truck in the wrong items have been stopped at the border. "Many of them were carrying used clothing, and that is a no-no," Argaiz said. "Or they were carrying used shoes and, unfortunately, that cannot go into Mexico." Other problems are bureaucratic: some may not have the necessary paperwork, although this can just be a letter that explains to customs officials what is bring brought into the country as donations. Quake relief contributions will not be taxed, Argaiz said. Those bringing them in should avoid customs issues if they're prepared. "Merchandise, or whatever they are donating, still has to be inspected, but they are trying to make it easier and faster," Argaiz said of Mexican officials. Argaiz said the supplies most needed now are basic needs, such as toilet paper, diapers, baby formula, toothbrushes, and soap.

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