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Many visitors to Hawaii wish they could stay under the blue skies and warm sun forever. Now, teachers may have a chance to make that a reality and say ‘aloha’ to a new job. The state of Hawaii has a lot of humpback whales , waves to surfs , snorkeling , and beautiful beaches , but one thing it does not have enough of is teachers. According to Hawaii News Now, the state will need to fill about 1,600 teaching vacancies this fall, especially for those teachers who work in special education, secondary mathematics, and secondary science. To help fill the many jobs, the Department of Education has been recruiting teachers from cities like Chicago , New York , Dallas , and Los Angeles , and wooing them with the possibility of sunshine, blue skies, and early morning surfing. Qualified applicants will have at least a bachelor's degree and a State Approved Teacher Education Program. The position pays anywhere from $35,324 - $63,665, depending on education and experience level ( as outlined here.) In addition, there's a potential $3,000 annual bonus for those interested in working in certain rural areas of the state. As Thrillist points out, the downside to being a teacher in Hawaii is the Aloha State’s notoriously high cost of living, meaning that paychecks simply don’t go as far as they do on the mainland. However, whales, waves, and beach walks all are free, which is certainly a perk of the job. The move doesn’t need to be permanent, either, but an extended working vacation.

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