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His parents were later rescued by firemen. The fire that woke the locality, was like a nightmare for the family. "I was in deep sleep, when I heard an unusual noise. I ran out and opened the door to find smoke everywhere," said Christopher as he consoled his son. "The idea of using a bedsheet struck me when Christo was starting to choke," said Christopher adding, "Thankfully he fell on his legs and not on his head." Another survivor Devika, who lived with her husband and two children on the third floor, felt they would not be able to make it out alive. "We noticed the smoke and motorbikes burning and locked ourselves inside the room. Thinking that I would not survive, I hugged my husband and prayed. All I could hear were the helpless cries of two girls". "But my husband managed to get hold of a rope and helped us scale the 12-ft wall to jump on to the terrace of the adjacent house," she said in the middle of answering frantic calls from relatives. Another resident of the apartment Sanjay said, "There was a lot of confusion with smoke billowing out from the ground floor.

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