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Kmart shoppers fed up with online store stock issues

Kmart Some disgruntled Kmart shoppers are boycotting the retailer after experiencing numerous issues with its online store. Customers say they load items into their basket and pay for them at the online checkout, only to find out a day or so later that the product is out of stock. One shopper, Wanaka woman Karen Tippett, said she had stopped ordering from Kmart because she was so frustrated and annoyed. "It's just a waste  of time … I feel like every other online retailer manages it fine, so why can't they?" Three of the four times Tippett had shopped online at Kmart had ended with her receiving a refund due to stock issues, she said. In a post on Kmart New Zealand's Facebook page, Tippett said she was "breaking up" with the online store. "Improve your service because you are losing a valuable customer base." Tippett had unsuccessfully contacted Kmart to complain numerous times. "I just get the bog-standard social media reply, 'Can you private message us with your details or go through our complaints form online?' "It feels really scripted and they don't really address the problem." Another customer posted on Kmart's Facebook page that he was "sick and tired" of ordering items online, only to be refunded due to lack of stock. "[It's] time wasting to the max and your online site is a joke." Another said the same thing happened to her "every single time". "I'm so over trying to purchase items that state they are available and yet at checkout they are out of stock." A Kmart spokesman said the reason for the out-of-stock emails was because "occasionally" it might be unable to secure products from stores to fill an online order.

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