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Article Image “I think ccTLDs can be a really good approach because they are unambiguous in their targeting,” McMichael says. Of course, generic TLDs can use techniques to help Google understand their target audiences too. For instance, a site can create a subdirectory such as hello .com/br or a subdomain such as br.hello.com. Both tell Google the content in that section is geared toward visitors accessing the page in Brazil. Likewise, McMichael says websites can set up geotargeting in Google Search Console to further reinforce that certain pages are targeted to a specific country. In addition, hreflang tags on pages can be used to signal the intended language or, in some cases, both the language and country, she says. The choice of a URL structure often comes down to practical matters. “If you roll out a bunch of ccTLDs, those are all brand-new websites, and it can take time for a new website to gain traction—you need quality links from quality websites,” McMichael says. Additionally, maintaining various national sites requires a greater investment of time and money than targeting audiences through a single site that branches off for various countries. Getty has ccTLDs, but iStock—a newer brand—uses the subdirectory approach. Regardless of its address format, a website will benefit from having strong visitor engagement.

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